Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I learnt today.

Today everyone in our office attended a work summit. It was a chance to meet our new group programming director, go through some of the changes that've been happening across the network of late and really reinforce the company values.

Among the issues we covered, here are some of the crucial things we learnt:
  • what our company mascot's bum looks like
  • that our company mascot has a hacking smokers cough
  • war pictures become funny if you superimpose our company mascot into them
  • everyone that works here enjoys using the word "fuck". Loudly.
  • one of our bosses got kicked out of Hungry Jacks last Friday night after the Sydney Christmas party
  • one of our staff members used to travel on what she called a "flash bus" (where she and her friends flashed their boobs at pedestrians)
  • if you yell "show us your tits!" at our CEO she doesn't get offended
  • our national marketing manager is a babe
  • the babe uses the term "fecal accident"
  • our general manager has exceptionally good aim when hurling a choc top long distance
  • NO ONE can eat a choc top in the dark and not walk away without half of it on their clothes
  • Wippa thinks it's funny to pour water on his newsreader's head. It's not.
  • photos of pregnant men shaving, twins in parachute tracksuits and multi coloured poodles really enhance a powerpoint presentation
I have never been more sure of my choice to move to this network.

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